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Sunlive Restaurant by Mohammad Kanisavaran, Tehran - Iran.

This project was in Pasdaran area in Tehran. After the first visit of that location, decided first priority is to make a strong structure for this building. because this building didn’t have a strong structure and that was very old.In the drawing process, we decision an Architectural space for a predetermined paradox should be (as regards this restaurant has two kinds of approach to his service: Iranian food and international food but a focus on healthy food) an architectural method from forces around and atmosphere around. It was a new approach for our and we visited that location again and made new analyses from pay attention to forces around in this space and we find a new form of lighting and table and wall pattern but our Suggestion was to use of Brick because brick was one of traditional material for Iranian. After that, we made an imagining filter (Black & white) on the entrance and us decision all materials after arrived be must accept filter effect. for example, the brick after arrives to changed his color .this filter was impacted to all material.

Except Flowers and planet because: The plants are strong things in our life…

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