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PaPa's Hotel by He Wei Studio/3andwich design - China

The project is located in Pingtian village, Sidu Township, Songyang County, Lishui city, Zhejiang Province. The original building was an ordinary rammed earth dwelling with two oors in civil structure, covering a total of 270 square meters. People generally call the place “Papa’s Home” since it belonged to the owner, the elderly Jiang Binlong. The goal of design is to renovate it into a place with new functions and spaces. We decided to put papa’s home with a young face -- transforming it into a youth hostel with international standard after discussions with the owners and the local government.

To keep the overall style and features of the village, the exterior of papa’s home has been retained completely, almost unchanged. Only a window with a nice view is newly designed and installed on the second floor, where the sunshine, the air and beautiful scenery can be seen within the house.

Designed by He Wei Studio/3andwich design

Principal architect: He Wei

Architectural design team: Chen Long, Li Qiang, Chen Huang-Jie, Cheuk Chun-Yung

Photography by He Wei, Chen Long