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Tranquility Box by Udo Lam & Frankie Chao / Otherwhere Studio - Hong Kong

Otherwhere studio have created a “Tranquility Box” - a quiet place of refuge, away from the hectic office. the intimate space is located within a workstation complex in Hong Kong, and is defined by its distinct separation between different functional areas. when entering the space, workers are led down a narrow corridor, allowing them to release any preoccupied thoughts before starting their day. otherwhere studio have presented a minimal setting inside the office, which prepares on for the day ahead. this area is interrupted by a separate space, which provides a place of refuge, tranquility and relaxation. a natural tree trunk coffee table, complimentary cushions and a hanging swing stand at the centre of the room, suggesting a peaceful, calming environment. a shelf structure follows the back wall, providing books music and place to sit, allowing colleagues to insert a moment of reflection into their working day.

Designed by Otherwhere Studio

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