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PERSONAL POINT store by A3 Vision, Shenyang - China

The core philosophy for this design proposal is to explore the space design elements, break the boundaries or blur the boundary line, according to the relationship between man and nature, and allow people in the space to have more interactions with the external nature and achieve organic combination.

Designed by A3 Vision

Designer Zhifeng Wang, Chao Lui

Photography by Chen Lei

Therefore, the building and nature which are relatively independent and blending with each other forms an intact system, and we use such concept to construct the selling place of different brands, so that customers can select their intended commodities in a natural and comfortable environment.

With respect to our brand concept, the commercial store is not merely physical spaces with reasonable planning, but the place lingering human emotion within a short period of time, where the consumers and brands not only simply maintain a “purchase”- “supply” relationship, but also make an exciting interaction involving man and things, others and spaces.

In spatial layout, you may explore more possibilities through combination of openness and privacy, transparency and reality.

Semi-transparent window design expresses the independent but penetrating integral relationship between man and nature.

Framed House, Inspired from Storage Room and Lumber Room

The thin-lines framed house, iron handing rods and large partitions of show window, and the whole wall boards of locker room, constitute the balance and conflict between dots, lines and faces through different volumetric relationships.

Raw stones, woods, cements, black steel panel walls, and natural materials, express a simple and toughened power. The portfolio of textures of different materials is also a reflection of crossing borders and infusing with each other.

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