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Designer Rahyja Afrange exhibits new creations at M.A.D.E 2016

Beginning on August 9 at the Jockey Club of Sao Paulo, M.A.D.E (Market Art Design) brings about 50 professionals for its fourth edition. The designer Rahyja Afrange, is one of the highlights and brings to the event three creations; the tea trolley, vases and cutlery.

project title: TEA CART

descriptions: The ancient ritual of making tea endures as one of the few things we cannot speed up. In our accelerated culture where instant connectivity has become the new standard, the process of brewing a cup of tea remains unchanged. If you want tea, you must wait. This simple fact feels almost like an act of social subversion, temporarily denying our thirst for instant gratification in exchange for a conscious, extended experience of the present moment. A tea cart made from local Brazilian wood and hand-hewn brass accents blends into residential and commercial settings with ease. Set on wheels, the cart can occupy a range of spaces and contexts. A side table here, a centerpiece there, the tea cart behaves as a subtle beacon to pause and reflect. The cart includes an upper and lower level. The lower level can be used for storage and decorative display while the top holds everything one needs for tea preparation. This level includes an integrated electric burner for heating the kettle, hidden storage for cups and tea, and a handsome brass tray for serving and presentation. Intended as a limited edition, the tea cart stands as both a product and a graceful reflexion on contemporary life.

dimensions: 115 x 45 x 70cm

materials: freijó wood (Brazilian wood) and brass tray

project title: VASE

descriptions: A gleaming brass vase comes to life following years of material studies with felts and leathers. The vase evolved out of an ongoing inquiry into the process of cutting and folding a single sheet of material. Simple without being simplistic, the iconic form holds the eye and the imagination. Made from one thin brass plate, the vase cantilevers into an angled conical form to welcome seasonal flower arrangements. The sheet then twists back under itself to become a sturdy yet discreet base that delicately grounds the soaring form. Combining handcraft with state of the art manufacturing technology, this timeless vase channels an elegant minimalism found by doing more with less.

dimensions: 30 x 20 x 20cm

materials: brass or stainless steel

project title: CUTLERY This conceptual line of brass cutlery will continue the exploration into material and ritual. The tactile and deeply personal connection to our tableware dates back to the earliest stages of the civilizing process. This collection engages tradition and the skill of craftsmanship to highlight the power of choice in the culinary realm.

dimensions: 21 x 29 x 4cm

materials: brass pieces (fork, knife and spoon) into an acrylic box

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