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Shukufuku Japanese Bento by Rptecture Architects, Carlton - Melbourne

The Shukufuku Japanese Bento interior is a charismatic representation of their brand. Featuring a visually dynamic ceiling feature, a youthful lighting strategy, and an oversized steel frame Maneki-neko “fortune cat”. The space is a bright, fun addition to the Melbourne CBD with pops of blue and yellow contrast the clean, white neutral backdrop. The oversized pendant lights cast geometric shadow patterns onto the ceiling feature, creating the illusion of an increased number of faceted panels in the ceiling feature. To make the space feel more expansive, the main dining area features highly reflective materials such as tiles and mirror. The large expanse of mirror at the entry to the store, transforms the 'half cat' steel structure into a 'full cat' - creating the corporate logo in an ingeniously space saving way. The holistic design language is the outcome of a well developed brand identity, great working relationships between all involved, and smart, creative design.

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