Perímetro House by Zooco Studio, Madrid

Perimetro is the title of the space created by the young team of architects ZOOCO. A real home in a space of 36 m2.

Designed by Zooco Estudio

The project is an open space with a clear and concise geometry, which is transformed into a living space by the compression and the expansion of bands that run around the perimeter. These elements provide it with spatial tension, configurig the necessary circles to accommodate a house in its minimum expression. The scheme is very clear, "full" in the perimeter as a server space and "empty" in the center, as an habitable space. Each wall has a goal and a function by creating one central stay where life carries out. The surface of each wall show outgoing and incoming stays getting the different scenes of daily use. In a panoramic 360 ° from left to right we found: rest area, formed by a wall that connects the sleeping area and the rest area; the bathroom, with a wall of an urban environment; the kitchen and the dining area, where you will find everything you need to use; and finally, a green area with aromatic herbs that allows to disconnect from everyday life and enjoy of an exceptional area.

The architects perceive this property as a whole, a set . The use of space in a different way creates a unique concept without forgetting practicality and comfort , without borders.

A great part of the project is covered by glass mosaic HISBALIT .

The intention was to create a singular and unique space using the distinctive materials: the touch of wood on the floor, the effect of a ceiling coated by mirror and the play of colors and mosaics, that provides to the whole space a point of attachment.

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