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Triumph Pavilion 2016: Energy Pavilion (Pinwheel) by Five Line Projects

The brief for the project was to design a self-supporting structure not exceeding a height of 4 meters and area of 80 square meters based on the theme of “Energy”. It was to provide an inspirational structure or space where visiting architects, designers, families and the general public could stand, walk-through or seat around to admire, engage with each other to enjoy and share discussions about design or simply relax within the unique setting and space created by the Pavilion.

Designed by Five Line Projects

The project represents the exploration of potential energy that a single action in the community triggers. It reinterprets the notion of energy and supports the belief that people, regardless of race, gender, beliefs, or identity are the most prominent force that propels both London’s achievements and communities alike. The individual is the single component necessary to trigger a grander action.

Inspired by the classic children’s toy, the pinwheel, the Pavilion is a catalogue of mills upheld by a forest of pillars. Each wheel is systematically aligned to the others on the rod pillar, so a spin of a single wheel triggers movement of the adjacent wheel signifying the idea that the action of a single individual triggers a chain reaction by a greater number, positively influencing the wider community.

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