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Le Plan Libre by Waterfrom Design, Taipei - Taiwan

As the architect Mies Van der Rohe proposes "Skin and bones architecture", we try to keep all structure expose with two long horizontal sliding windows. Except for providing the house a spacious view and ample sunlight, the exposed frame and glass blur the line between indoor and outdoor.

Designed by Waterfrom Design

Photography by Sam Tsen

The cube extend from the facade is an intermediary space between indoor and outdoor. The stainless steel reflects the blue sky and merges the architecture with nature. On the roof garden, we designed a sink in the shape of giant milk box, which is toppled and sprinkled a pool of grass.

Pursue the principal of Le Corbusier's 5 points of new architecture. Neat facade with nature texture of material is being used. With atrium in 4m*4m scale, we exposed the beam as a line in great strength to intersect the structure.