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MARK by GRIP&Co., Tsukiji, Tokyo Japan

3DCG Creative Design Office located in Tsukiji, Tokyo Japan. Designed by GRIP&Co.

MARK is a leading production studio creating CG visual content primarily for television advertising.

The interior design of the office incorporates elements that are the antithesis to the world of computer graphics. With the theme of “real materials,” the office features solid, uncoated wood, concrete, glass and black iron plating – all materials that can be used as they are for various surfaces.

The concrete-tiled walls give the appearance of geological strata, and joints between are finished in a way that makes them flush with the tile surfaces. This was achieved by using the time-consuming task of constructing the walls with raised grout joints and then sanding them back to produce a completely flat finish.

The center piece of the meeting room is a huge 2.7 meter (88.58ft) long table made from solid wood. Meanwhile, the desks in the office space were designed especially by GRIP.

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