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La Pacha Mama by Alexis Dornier - Bali, Indonesia

Taking the image of the 'hacienda' as a starting point on the design, the main structural elements become the dominant feature of the project. The structure is spanning over a renovated building and a courtyard.

Designed by Alexis Dornier

The design pays homage to the famous 'acapulco chair', while subtly referencing the food on offer. first produced in the 1950s, the distinctive chair ó usually made of brightly colored vinyl cords ó became very popular in mexico as outdoor lounge seating. for this project alexis designed an own version of the chair, and a bar stool.

The back bar of the court references the work of south american architect Eladio Dieste. The vertical structural elements form a hybrid of a truss, a vault, and an arch, interwoven with rubber recycled from old truck tires. this structural framework provides space for plants and flowers to grow. the restaurantís kitchen is viewed from the street through two large windows, with stairs leading to the sheltered terrace above. the eatery, named ëla pacha mamaí, appropriately serves mexican cuisine with a vegetarian twist.

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