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A Stitch in Time by Bokja - Colourliving, Hong Kong

Yesterday we attended the exhibition "A stitch in time" by Bokja, hosted at Colourliving. It was a great event with many beautiful furniture and work on display.

"Each Bokja piece tells a story that resonates in the contemporary world. Working 'in the moment' and their surroundings, We work 'in the moment' of ourselves and our surroundings.

We carry the future in heart: With a socially conscious intuition, we interpret the future as full of possibilities. With the archival of our past traditions we are able to re-invent new legacies to pass on."

Women, women, women - Bokja salutes the greatness of women, the providers who carry the burdens of life while balancing its contradictions.Mother Nature, The Seductress, The Guardian, and The Warrior. Each Individual composition is a display of feminine sensitivity all the while commanding attention with her stature and strength.

The Happy Tree - The Bokja tree is based on ancient traditions of hanging wishes on a tree. The idea is to make viewers take a moment and think "what makes you happy?"

Handcrafted from manipulated fabrics of recycled silk, hand painted linen and delicate strands of threads.

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