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Undreamed Territories art installation by Carlos Coronas, Avilés – Spain

‘Undreamed Territories’ is an art installation made up of large complex polygonal structures that change in color and intensity through the use of fluorescent tubes. The series by Carlos Coronas was displayed in an architectural fashion in theNiemeyer Centre in Avilés – Spain. The works, built primarily of wood – respond to each other using electronic impulses. The gradual rise and fall of the light within the space mimics the feeling of breathing, which makes the individual pieces appear as living organisms.

Each sculpture contains its own light and color which is projected on the walls and floor of the gallery. The use of reflective flooring creates a hyperphysical reality by casting a sublime gradient on the surface below. The collection responds to light and space in an an extravagant web across the interior. The sculptures acts as individual components within a larger network reflecting an internal and external pattern contained in ourselves and the world. The installation expresses a luminous quality that seduces and demands our attention like a firefly with its flashes.

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