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Shila Chain Restaurant by Mohammad Kanisavaran, Niavaran Sq ,Tehran, Iran

Shila chain restaurant was established in 2001 and they started to sell special hot dog until now. According to their goals, they decided to change the old interior design for their all branches because they need a new interior design to show new their approach for new customers and young of the important things is hot dog… because this food isn’t traditional food for Iranian people and this restaurant wants to show a new lifestyle to eat Hot dog… But That new interior design and new lifestyle must be according to Iranian’s culture.

Main approach:

According to branding principles “The most important factors for a brand are attention to human sense (Smell, taste, touch, hearing and vision)” and we decided to consider these factors. And We divide our tasks between the Design team and client’s team. The client (Shila) attention to Smell and taste and we pay attention to touch, hearing and vision. After searching for their customers we find the best way for our problem in this project and that was an easy way: change in customer’s Behavioral habits (Using non-conventional materials such as cement, iron and metal mesh) . By that materials, We could make an exciting sense in this restaurant from original materials. We designed this project with an Exposed approach and used metal, mesh metal, cement plaster and wood because these materials are original and they have good sense and them are other important thing in this concept was attention to Expandable module of 1 square meters to 200 square meters. And we made an Expandable module


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