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Palestra by Brandon Agency

Client: New premium fitness club, which positions itself as a place with the main goal to inspire a person to live a healthy life and follow, balanced lifestyle.

Challenge: The design of logo and corporate identity, as well as interior branding and navigation.

Designed by Brandon Agency


Palestra (from Greek Παλαίστρα) — is a private gymnastics school in ancient Greece. Generally speaking, this word was used as an institution in which young people tended to learn different kinds of sports. In modern Italy, the word has a common usage, which means “gym”. The core concept contains the idea of inclusion of the Greek letter "λ” (lambda) in logotype and usage of this letter as a logo itself.

Interior branding

We have been developing interior branding aligned with S&T architects agency. As the architects created the overall design, we focused on implementing corporate identity elements in the specific spaces and locations.