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Marble slabs and coloured glass legs tables influenced by fantasy books

Designer Ini Archibong has based the coloured glass legs of his Galilee and Orion tables on mythological characters and biblical stories. The tables, which are both made from a combination of solid marble and coloured glass legs, were on show at the Salone Satellite exhibition during this year's Milan design week.

When designing the tables, Switzerland-based Archibong – who studied his masters degree at ÉCAL – was influenced by fantasy books he read as a child.

For the Orion table, which is based on the Greek mythological character Orion, Archibong used a gradient that starts as red at the top of the legs and blends to blue towards the bottom.

"Orion was a hunter, and was son of the sea god Poseidon," said Archibong. "He had the ability to walk on water, though his violent temperament left a blood red trail in his wake."