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DHL Express by Woodhouse Workspace, Lewisham in London

DHL Express are a well renowned global logistics firm. Woodhouse were chosen as the design and fitout firm to deliver combined industrial and office spaces for two bases in the UK, Lewisham in London and a Southampton depot on the south coast.

In terms of the brief, DHL required the new distribution hubs to have a range of services, including a bespoke conveyor system to carry parcels to waiting vans. The design needed to factor in the movement of packages, vehicles, employees and customers and to ensure that everyone was safe and well served by the space. This project was time critical, leaving absolutely no scope for any unexpected project delays.

The solution provided by Woodhouse Workspace

Our team collaborated very closely with the team at DHL to devise a workspace that would futureproof DHL’s operations for years to come. To connect both the office and industrial space, Woodhouse has incorporated mezzanine spaces which hold the connected offices and breakout areas which include the workers canteen and tea point.

Lighting has been used to good effect throughout the project, with every space being well lit and with the warmer company colours being used in the breakout areas, as well as in areas such as the elevators connecting each level.

As all work was time critical, a comprehensive project management plan was incorporated and followed closely to lead towards a timely and successful outcome.

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