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Mood Ring House

Silo AR+D has included multicoloured LEDs that are controlled by a smartphone on the exterior of this Arkansas home. Encompassing 1,920 square feet (178 square meters), the dwelling sits within an eclectic neighbourhood near downtown Fayetteville, the third largest city in Arkansas. It serves as both a family home and a workspace.

Built on a sloped site, the home is positioned at an angle in order to preserve two large catalpa trees. The orientation also takes advantage of northern light and provides south- and west-facing views of an adjacent forest and distant mountains. T-shaped in form, the building consists of a rectangular bar stacked atop a smaller box, forming cantilevers on opposing sides of the house. Beneath the overhangs are a carport on the west and an outdoor room on the east.

"The cantilevers, in concert with the dramatically sloping site, give unique views of the natural landscape to each living space, creating a private enclave amidst the tree canopy," said Silo AR+D. On the underside of each cantilever, the architect concealed multicoloured LEDs within soffits made of laminated veneer lumber. The LEDs, which are controlled by a smartphone, can glow a single colour or many hues at once.