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An Iconic Lamp Goes Giant for Outdoors

The iconic Anglepoise® desk lamp has been around since the 1930s staying fairly true to form. In 2005, they did go big as a request by the Roald Dahl Museum & Story Centre to make one that was triple scale to match one of Dahl’s favorite characters. It was so popular that they launched the Giant lamp as a floor lamp, along with a pendant version, both of which are now staples in the line. They couldn’t just stop there. Instead, they’re bringing the Giant lamp to the outdoors with the Original 1227™ Giant Outdoor Collection, which includes a floor lamp and an articulated wall-mounted lamp.

The Giant has been re-engineered for the outdoors using marine-grade stainless steel fittings, a sealed light unit, and a durable silicone rubber cable. It makes an oversized statement piece while bringing much-needed light to your outdoor space.

The lamps come in 15 colors (with custom colors an option) and will be available at on June 1st.

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