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Emmanuelle Moureaux Exhibition

Emmanuelle Moureaux fills exhibition hall with 100 shades of colors.

Instilling a sense of weightlessness across the large exhibition space; emmanuelle moureaux has created a vibrant installation for the presentation of the wood furniture japan award 2016 in tokyo. the installation derives from the concept of ‘bunshi’ which is based on the idea of dispersion and unraveling. the resulting design sees an assemblage of prismatic small branches that multiply and diverge – filling the hall and forming a path where the furniture is displayed.

20,000 pieces of the small ‘bunshi’ branches in 100 shades of colors appear randomly suspended, but in fact have been organized in three dimensional grids. a section is removed, thus creating a journey where selected wood products are placed along the edge of the curved path.

The color of installation subtly and gradually changes as one walks through the space. The installation is based on the theme of bunshi: which means to divide or spread out into branches. Each module is a metaphoric expression of ‘ramification’, symbolizing the encounters between designers and artisans. The installation consists of 20,000 pieces of small branches (bunshi) in 100 shades of colors.

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