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Earls Crossroads by Mckinley Burkart

Many food+beverage clients require design solutions for multiple locations, both nationally and internationally. McKinley Burkart recognizes the need for design that is scalable and adaptable, with individual elements that can be repeated and evolved effectively whether for two or 100 locations. Furthermore, McKinley Burkart believes in the power of interior design to develop a strong brand message and customer familiarity. The concept for Earls Crossroads, and future Earls locations, was to open and lighten the space while incorporating timeless materials that would patina over time. Ensuring design longevity, natural stone, wood, leather and concrete were used throughout the space. Creating a cohesive customer experience between multiple restaurant locations, McKinley Burkart aligned the design with the national brand. By focusing on a consistent tone, with distinct recurring components, rather than a cookie-cutter design, each restaurant location, is unique yet on-brand. The overall aesthetic creates the ideal space for comfortable and stylish dining and embodies notions of a laid-back cool vibe.

Designed by Mckinley Burkart

Photography by Jamie Hyatt Photography.

Inspired by a California-casual feeling, the palette is dominated by light and natural materials. In an effort to avoid a trendy, “modern” aesthetic, the design team inserted moments of glam, including over-sized gold-leafed dome lights and playful art procured from local artists. To develop a lived-in, relaxed vibe, custom antique-inspired furnishings, with a focus on comfort, character, and durability were installed. Additionally, green accents were incorporated in the dome lights, leather banquettes, and preserved foliage, contributing freshness and life to the space.

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