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3rd Avenue Bar

Located at Jl Senopati Raya no 64, Jakarta –Indonesia. 3rd avenue, another venture by the people behind Wilshire and Bottega Ristorante. Senopati is a highly known area for foodies’ destination, with the rapid number of restaurants growth in this elite neighborhood. 3rd Avenue is located just above Wilshire Restaurant at the 3rd floor.The name 3rd Avenue comes from the 3rd street in Los Angeles, a major east and west thoroughfare. This Whiskey Bar & Lounge is designed to be posh, modern and also classy. The upside of having this location of is that it’s located near Jakarta’s central business district ,hence the breathtaking,magnificent skyline view from the rooftop of this bar.

Design by Einstein and Associates

The Bar itself is located at the 3rd floor,where we can experience the entrance through the long corridor dark staircase and dominated with copper ceiling tiles and copper staircase railings. First step entering the bar, the long wooden triangle ceiling pattern and wine shelf with some brass detail welcome the guests with two classy crystal chandeliers. The whole area is divided into two main areas, the long bar and the lounge. The wide long bar greets the guests before they get to see the sofa lounge that surrounds the bar . The bar is dominated with black steel with copper plate as an accent. The long continuous bar’s hairline stainless steel and stainless steel mirror break through the massive ceiling area with the clear glass area.