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Electron Chair by Lock Furniture

Electron Chair by Lock is a new concept in flat-pack furniture. The chair combines art design, ergonomics, innovative engineering and puzzle structure. Electron chair is a flat-pack concept. Each part of the chair is made from one sheet 18mm beech plywood, cut precisely by a CNC router. All the elements are assembled on the puzzle principle without the use of nails, screws, etc.

Design: The Electron chair features innovative shape and design. The base of the chair presents a symmetrical construction which provides strength in all directions. Both sides of the chair recall the international sign of “electron” from where and the name of the chair comes. The seat and the back of the chair are made from strong and durable coated textile which gives additional comfort.

The design of the chair is subject to pure geometry of the structure which should bare a certain weight and pressure on it, thus providing beauty and harmony and in the same time strength and comfort.

Joints: The joints of the chair are unique, developed by LOCK, provide strength and space reduction. They allow extremely user-friendly assembly and hold the elements of the chair strongly and in a natural way. Both sides of the chair are formed by four triangles and a square, thus supporting the efforts without the necessity of big weight.