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SiteGround office space by Cache Atelier - Sofia

Cache atelier have designed a 470 sq.m office for SiteGround – an IT company. The space is located in Sofia/Bulgaria/ and the main concept focuses on the STAR WARS saga. A graphic and clear approach is used, maintaining the furniture and all other elements in the monochromatic tones emphasizing on the graphics on the walls. All of them are specially designed for the space presenting all significant STAR WARS icons – Millenium falcon, Darth Vader, X-wing starfighter, etc. presented as origami elements which is closely connected with the company’s main strategy – to offer handcrafted hosting services. To further underline the handcrafted idea two large pixel art images were created – a Darth Vader and a Stormtrooper. They are composed of sticky notes that serve as pixels and add colorful accents in the calm monochromatic atmosphere.

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