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Orenchi Ramen Bar

Much like ramen shops in Japan, which are far from fancy (as they’re places to get good food quickly), the Orenchi Beyond ramen bar takes inspiration from those traditional food spots and adds a bit of street culture to the mix. Craig Steely Architecture took a look at Japanese ramen shops that take special care in the food served and brought aspects of the experience to the San Francisco Mission District location.

The original street façade was removed and pushed 12 feet into the space to create an engawa, or interstitial room, that adds space between the sidewalk and interior. To complete the space, a 4000 lb Yuba River basalt rock was brought in to rest in the center.

Using Sakura wood, the new, geometric façade establishes a dynamic visual to welcome patrons. An interior bar is incorporated into the storefront letting patrons walk right up to order.

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