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Danish summer house

Four house-shaped blocks enclose a courtyard in the centre of this hilltop holiday home on the Danish coast by Lenschow & Pihlmann. The Danish studio chose this form to help give House at Mols Hill anonymity among the existing summer residences that overlook Denmark's Ebeltoft cove.

The 175-square-metre floor plan is fragmented into four smaller blocks with pitched roofs, allowing the building to mimic its neighbours. But large areas of glazing give it a more contemporary appearance, offering occupants views over the bay.

The open-plan layout and glazed corridors connect the blocks, but sliding doors and curtains can be used to segment the space to suit small or larger parties. Each block has access to outdoor areas, which are shielded by from view and the elements by bushes, as well as pine and fir trees.

Via: Dezeen


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