Embassy Gardens Sky Pool in London

The Embassy Gardens Sky Pool Legacy Building is going to have a transparent swimming pool that will be suspended 115 feet high in the air. One can enjoy the beautiful view of the nature from such height whilst relaxing in the pool. Moreover, this pool will be constructed of transparent glass, having about 10 feet depth and 19 feet wide. The residents will get a wonderful feel of swimming amidst the air. Also, there will be a walkway constructed for the residents to easily visit the building’s rooftop where there is bar, spa and orangery-all for you to enjoy like living in the heaven.

This project has been commissioned by Ballymore, who selected HAL Architects and Arup to work together as engineers, Camlins for landscaping, and Luis Bustamante for designing interiors of the scheme. This complex of 2000 unit will be ready by 2017.

Via: iCreatived

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