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Diaoye Niunan Restaurant by Golucci International Design, Beijing China

Guests at this restaurant sit on floating platforms among fog covered walkways. Niunan is a street food everywhere in Hong Kong, has been a topic full of Mr.Diaoye. In a few years ago traveled to Hong Kong audience with the God of chef, generous 500 million Hong Kong dollars bought the God of chef mysterious brisket recipe. Restaurant Diaoye Niunan was born in Beijing, a newcomer who sets foot in with an ambition to spread the local Hong Kong style Niunan to the rest of China.

Commissioned to conceive a contemporary identity for their new concept restaurant, Golucci international design integrates the tradition of culture in the spatial design by reinterpreting a Chinese ink. the design team will target client's brand of literati and white-collar passengers for dialogue with Chinese ancient literati group, the literati and officialdom that Chinese ancient intellectuals, emerged in the period of Tang and Song Dynasty, decline to in late Qing Dynasty is such a group of literati poet driven culture today is Chinese culture of flourishing.

Fu Cun Shan Ju literati Qushui around together, singing anatomia situation become the design team attempted to restore the dining experience. Enter the restaurant first Yingru eye is layer upon layer ridge spatial overlay, turned into the dining area ridges around with several independent dining area and the periphery of the mountain is a modern interpretation of the winding rivers, people sit in the mountains, lying on both sides of the water, one layer upon layer of landscape, restrained minimalist design techniques, ancient culture and modern interpretation and look forward to cause diners poetic Association and experience.

we can see a central feature are a group of tables, where guests sit on what appear as floating platforms, surrounded by fog covered walkways. Separating the tables, are perforated metal screens that have been shaped like mountains.

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