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Folding Lamp by Thomas Hick

Say hello to the contemporary and innovative lamp that allows consumers to have more freedom and options to create a lamp of their own, designed my Thomas Hick.

The Folding Lamp is origami-inspired and made out of 0.6mm pre-scored stainless steel which the consumers can fold along the dotted lines. It is a beautiful little furniture that can become a decoration in your own home and it includes effecient LEDs that can allow you to dim, switch on and off with just a gentle touch on any side of the lamp.

It comes in six colour combinations to match your style and interior, including Matte Black & Gold, Matte White & Gold, Matte White & Copper, Sanded Matte White & Red Chilli, Brilliant Black & White Pearl and Brushed Stainless Steel & Red Chilli.

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